Shelter II

Shelter II

Posted: 02.06.07 | Category: [Architecture]  

This shelter looks completely untouched (in contrast to the previous shot I took of one a few metres away along the path). I'd hazard a guess it's had layers and layers of paint applied over the years.


f 4
1/60 sec
24 mm
ISO 100
LENS : Canon 24-105mm

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  • Another one where the location looks like it has loads of potential. I like the colouring of the roof tiles and the detail throughout. They don't things like this anymore do they.
    Jon @ 2007-06-02
  • These are an interesting pair of shots. Overall, I like the B&W better, but all the different shades of green make this one nice as well.
    Harry @ 2007-06-03
  • Fine place and nice green!
    Still @ 2007-06-03
  • I like the see-through design of this shelter. The shelter's green color and background of green combine to make a
    fine image.

    don @ 2007-06-03
  • Funny if you see them one after the other : one closed, one open and look-through :-)
    Hildegarde @ 2007-06-03

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