Drunken Mess

Drunken Mess

Posted: 08.06.07 | Category: [Urban]  

Just in front of the main wall of the school I was photographing (as mentioned in the previous blog entry - and pics of which I'll upload at a later date), there's a row of benches. Around one of them was quite a collection of cans, bottles and empty cigarette packets. Seems whoever they belonged to had quite a party.


f 4
1/400 sec
96 mm
ISO 100
LENS : Canon 24-105mm

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  • ahh Carlsberg. I lived on the island of Grenada for almost 2 years and aside from Heineken and a couple local beers Carlsberg was it for the entire island. In fact, I lived directly next door to the bottling plant. So, luckily there was always a fresh supply.
    Keith De-Lin @ 2007-06-08
  • Hmm, Here in Danmark Carlsberg litters the streets every friday and saturday night ...luckily the council are out and about early sunday morning making sure the place looks 'presentable' again ....bit oh do I miss English beer!!!
    Bro!! @ 2007-06-08
  • I hate it when people leave rubbish lying around. Here they often smash the bottles too. Not great when you're out walking the dog :/
    Jon @ 2007-06-09
  • I too hate litter with a passion...

    Shot's like this are good because they generate thought.
    Sysagent @ 2007-06-09
  • I like the sharp focus on the immeidate bottle rather than back in the middle of the image. Nice shot.
    don @ 2007-06-09
  • Well, I do like Carlsberg beer, but I don't like those people leaving their mess behind. Irritates me! Nice shot btw.
    javga @ 2007-06-10
  • Very nice contrasts and colour.. And the beer is from my home contry so a point more to you for that :-)
    Claus @ 2007-06-10
  • Carlsberg don't do photographs ... but if they did!

    Like the way its a non-cliche image, and generates thought.
    Tom Jarvis @ 2007-06-19
  • A little sad...
    Still @ 2007-06-22

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