Hospital Watch

Hospital Watch

Posted: 10.06.07 | Category: [Urban]  

This sign's a bit out of date now. The place behind the gate used to be the Royal Halifax Infirmary hospital but parts of it were demolished 3 or 4 years ago, and the whole grounds comprises apartments and houses now. I'm going away on holiday to Israel today, so this is my last image for a week or so.


f 4
1/500 sec
90 mm
ISO 100
LENS : Canon 24-105mm

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  • An interesting leftover from the old days. Have a good visit to Israel...a fascinating place to see.
    don @ 2007-06-10
  • Ok, we will watch the hospital while you're gone. Have a very nice travel !!
    Hildegarde @ 2007-06-10
  • I remember these signs around the hospital where I used to work! Have a great holiday mate and look forward to the pics when you get back.
    Richard @ 2007-06-11
  • Interesting shot and good dof on this.
    Alice @ 2007-06-12
  • That's a nice sign capture. Interesting as I've been wandering about trying to get a few pics of things like this. I like the strong verticals and the soft background as compliment.
    BobC @ 2007-06-12
  • The framing works really well here. And I love how the sign stands out against the background. Great find.
    Arjan @ 2007-06-13
  • What a nice little sign! Love the dof. Have a nice trip!
    javga @ 2007-06-14
  • Fine image, Have a good travel.
    Still @ 2007-06-22

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