School Days II

School Days II

Posted: 25.06.07 | Categories: [Architecture]  [Black and White]  [Halifax]  [Savile Park]  [Wide-angle]  

Here's a full side shot of the school. I went for B&W as being an overcast day, the dark stone and areas of shadows didn't really stand out like they could have done with some decent sunlight shining. I think the processing also suits the age of the building.


f 6.3
1/30 sec
13 mm
ISO 100
LENS : Canon 10-22mm

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  • Is it still in use as a school ? Looks wonderful to me (yes, and the B&W suits it). I have very good memories of the old school building I went to (many years ago :-) I mean as a building, high ceilings, old wooden high bookcases with glass doors, shining tiles in long corridors, ... (most of it is teared down now for a modern housing complex, only the old convent part is saved and restored)
    Hildegarde @ 2007-06-25
  • What a dignified old building! The B&W treatment is excellent, as the moody sky above adds drama to the shot.
    Harry @ 2007-06-25
  • I especially like the symmetry of the shot. The black and white quality is extraordinary. Wonderful impact
    with the contrast you achieved.
    don @ 2007-06-25
  • yes-- the symmetry of the shot add's a feeling of discipline to the picture-- and the mood of the black and white also makes it feel like it is very old...!

    good editing..and good setup...!!
    Padmini @ 2007-06-25
  • The symmetry is very good and as an architectural study it's excellent - great detail and good tones with the b&w.
    BobC @ 2007-06-25
  • Impressive classical architecture. Very powerful image.
    Still @ 2007-06-25
  • What an interesting building. Perfect for a b/w shot like this. Nice job!
    Alice @ 2007-06-25
  • Good symmetry and lead in lines. The B&W brings out the detail nicely.
    Jon @ 2007-06-26
  • i can just imagine this place on a wild and stormy night with lightning splitting the air...brrr.
    david @ 2007-06-26
  • It was originally opened as an Orphanage by a Mr Crossley and a Mr Porter. It later became the Crossley and Porter Grammar School before merging with Heath Grammar School in 1985 to become Crossley Heath Grammar School.

    More information can be found below
    Chris Templeton @ 2007-06-26
  • Thanks for that, Chris. I'd looked at for the info (as posted in the previous picture to this). Hadn't thought of also checking Wiki.
    groovyf @ 2007-06-26
  • Nice processing.
    Daniel A. Norman @ 2007-06-26
  • B&W processing certainly suits it. Nicely framed with the driveway acting as great lead in lines.
    Lispfoto @ 2007-06-26
  • As everyone else has said, fantastic symmetry. But also B&W suit a building such as this so well. You could hardly tell whether its taken today or 50 years ago.
    Tom Jarvis @ 2007-06-27
  • Excellent mate. Great processing. Really suits it.
    Richard @ 2007-06-29

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