Wind Farm

Wind Farm

Posted: 20.08.06 | Categories: [Halifax]  [Landscape]  [Ovenden Moor]  [Places]  

Spent some time at Ovenden Moor Wind Farm, Halifax, yesterday and today. Yesterday was a washout with rain and grey clouds. Around 7pm this evening, the sky got clearer, so was a mad drive out again to see what I could get. Expect 3 or 4 more blog-shots from what I took. Personally, I find these giants stunning to look at from afar and closeup.


Canon PowerShot S80
f 8
1/250 sec
9.919 mm

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  • Nice, I like that.
    Rich @ 2006-08-20
  • Nice, peaceful shot.
    BBW @ 2006-08-20
  • I like the light but I think I'd have moved to the right a touch to increase the perspective (if you could have moved to the right that is) :)
    Jon @ 2006-08-21
  • Nice pic but (there's always a but) I think I'd have maybe used a shutter speed around 1 sec (or however long it took for a blade to make a quarter of a revolution or thereabouts). Then again, I didn't take ANY pictures today, so I'll STFU shall I ?
    Kahuna @ 2006-08-21
  • Its a really nice peaceful pic, i think a slower shutter speed might of blown the pic out to one big white blob though?
    chris @ 2006-08-23
  • Beautiful shot!!
    Perspective view is nice. :-)
    tetsu @ 2006-09-10
  • lovely lighting here, well done!
    NoWords @ 2006-09-10
  • I really like the light here.
    I photographed this for a college project a long time ago :) I'm pretty sure my version was no where near as nice as this.
    Shelley @ 2008-08-05

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