Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed

Posted: 15.07.07 | Categories: [Black and White]  [Still Life]  

Taking a break from the Israel photos, (there are still so many I need to go through, and every time I open PS to look at them it seems such a daunting task!) For this one, I really just wanted those strawberries in the background to be in focus, hence the use of DOF. Just a lazy Saturday morning slice of life, where breakfast in bed consists of all sorts of delights.


f 4
1/20 sec
40 mm
ISO 200
LENS : Canon 24-105mm

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  • I guess that will be a fine (and yummy) moment. :-)
    Still @ 2007-07-15
  • Just a great everyday moment, perfectly in balance, also because of the B&W...
    javga @ 2007-07-15
  • I like these 'real life' photos, and the breakfast sure contains a lot of 'feel good' food :-)
    Hildegarde @ 2007-07-15
  • Chocolates, strawberries, butter (on some sort of toast/biscuit I assume)....looks like a great breakfast! Nice shot.
    Alice @ 2007-07-15
  • Looks like a fine breakfast to me...and a good shot!
    don @ 2007-07-16
  • There are some sweeties also in a breakfast ? ;)
    Good use of DOF !
    Florian @ 2007-07-16

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