Striking A Pose

Striking A Pose

Posted: 17.07.07 | Category: [Macro]  

First time I've used my Macro lens for an insect shot - I mustn't have the correct flowers and plants as I really don't see many (or I'm just not out at the correct time). This one here (I assume a common fly) was quite happy to have its photo taken whilst taking a break on a Lily petal, and was quite still throughout the whole thing.

More macro goodness over at morning life.


f 22
1/10 sec
105 mm
ISO 200
LENS : Sigma 105mm

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  • nice and yet very ugly in equal measures! good macro.
    david @ 2007-07-17
  • Woah, nasty! Great macro shot. I must get me a 100mm macro lense one day.
    BBW @ 2007-07-17
  • Stunning macro! Awesome tones and details, well composed.
    riesenriel @ 2007-07-17
    I loved the contrast ....vibrant yellow tones and the brown shades...gave a very nice feel to the picture.....!!!!
    keep up the good work...!!!
    Padmini @ 2007-07-17
  • A fine capture... Macro world is really fascinating
    Still @ 2007-07-17
  • I love the composition and the colors of the flower. And there's really alot of detail in that fly. Neat how it folded it's wings, almost like it's posing for you.
    Arjan @ 2007-07-18
  • Bink Mark II!

    Excellent work this with damn fine focus..
    Sysagent @ 2007-07-20
  • They're ugly looking things but still darn interesting for some bizarre reason :)

    Like those nice warm summer colours in the flower too
    Richard @ 2007-07-20
  • For a first time on an insect that really is good work! Great stuff.
    BobC @ 2007-07-21

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