Etzel Museum

Etzel Museum

Posted: 21.07.07 | Categories: [Architecture]  [Black and White]  [Israel]  [Tel Aviv]  

This is the entrance to the Etzel Museum in Tel Aviv (located on the beach front area towards the old city of Yafo/Jaffa). Apparently it offers detailed information on one of the leading military organization in the history of Israel's struggle for independence.

The Etzel (which in Hebrew stands for The National Military Organization) was one of the three main military groups who fought on behalf of Israel's Jewish inhabitants, before the formation of the state of Israel and the IDF (Israeli defense forces).


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LENS : Canon 24-105mm

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  • I love the rugged stone textures, the dark sky and the puffy clouds. I'm glad the place is open, but the "OPEN" sign seems out of place.
    Harry @ 2007-07-21
  • This is such a rugged looking building. I especially like the rich texture of the stone work.
    The dark sky adds to the dramatic appearance of the shot. Well done.
    don @ 2007-07-21
  • Some really good textures in the stone work and a nice contrast against the darker sky.
    BobC @ 2007-07-21
  • Texture is great in this shot, nice.
    Dan @ 2007-07-22
  • Splendid job on the old stones of this museum.Neat and nice B&W.
    Still @ 2007-07-22
  • A beautiful b&w with a good rendering on the textures here.
    Florian @ 2007-07-22
  • >Wonderful contrast and a nice composition.
    Alice @ 2007-07-22
  • Excellent textures to the stonework and a great sky.
    Lispfoto @ 2007-07-23
  • You should do more B&W shots as you do some belters. Great textures
    Eth @ 2007-07-24
  • Good tonal range. Love the dark sky.
    Jon @ 2007-07-25
  • Lovely job. A great B & W shot.
    milou @ 2007-07-30

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