Legoland NASA

Legoland NASA

Posted: 25.11.07 | Categories: [Denmark]  [Legoland]  

This whole scene was quite a large model. Can't quite recall the details about this on one the plaque, but I'm certain it's the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex


f 5.6
1/400 sec
73 mm
ISO 200
LENS : Canon 24-105mm

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  • Heh nice series!

    Been to the Legoland in Billund and actually did a lot of work in the Lego factories years ago, amazing stuff.

    Like these images as well they convey a sense of scale that isn't real but it looks it :)
    Sysagent @ 2007-11-25
  • Keep em coming. These lego shots rock!
    BobC @ 2007-11-25
  • Another nice addition to the series.
    t-photo @ 2007-11-28
  • Great Job! Have you build this village?
    Still @ 2007-11-28
  • Thank you for another legoland scene. Really can't get enough of it. My son liked it also very much.
    javga @ 2007-12-02

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