Frozen Leaf

Frozen Leaf

Posted: 05.01.08 | Categories: [Macro]  [Nature]  

During my walk in the local park, an area of grass was still in the shade, so the overnight frost had barely melted. This leaf made the perfect item to take a photo of.


f 6.3
1/40 sec
105 mm
ISO 100
LENS : Sigma 105mm

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  • This would make a great Christmas card, it's very seasonal! Might have looked even better if the tail end was in focus as well.
    t-photo @ 2008-01-06
  • I agree, a very seasonal pic! let's hope we have loads more snow, it's all melted around here!
    BobC @ 2008-01-06
  • I like the composition and the processing. A nice wintery pic.
    Jon @ 2008-01-07
  • Great detail - we can even see the "teeth" of frost along the edges of the leaf!
    Harry @ 2008-01-07
  • Wow, a very striking image, and as mentioned, very seasonal. Lovely and crisp, I feel cold jsut looking at it!!
    Dave @ 2008-01-08
  • great use of the DOV! The detail makes it amazingly strong. Lovely contrast with the background as well. Almost gives me cold-chills :)
    Arjan - PlasticDaisy @ 2008-01-10
  • Handsome. I like the variance in the depth of field across the framing. Nice one.
    milou @ 2008-01-13
  • Cool, very cool.... Like every detail of it, and the are all tack sharp!
    Javga @ 2008-01-25

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