Lonely Bus II

Lonely Bus II

Posted: 14.02.08 | Categories: [Halifax]  [Urban]  [Wide-angle]  

Here's a rich colour shot of the bus from yesterday's image. Had the polariser on, and found the sky colour matched the bus paint quite well. I would've liked a decent shot from the front, but it was all in shade and pretty much north facing so chances of getting it lit by the sun are very minimal, especially as the sun rises over a close-by hill too


f 11
1/25 sec
10 mm
ISO 100
LENS : Canon 10-22mm

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  • I remember buses when they looked like that :( bloody lovely colour in that shot though :)
    HarryP @ 2008-02-14
  • You are right on the sky here, It goes great with this bus. Always had a soft spot for these buses... Well I head on to the previous one you talked about!
    Javga @ 2008-02-15
  • Great colours and I really like the distortion caused by the wide angle.
    Jon @ 2008-02-16
  • Nice distortion here with 10-22, good colour saturation as well overall.
    Sysagent @ 2008-02-17
  • Massive colour, like a blue sky with clouds. Not in service indeed.
    milou @ 2008-02-18
  • Nicely composed, I like the wide angle view.
    Oswegan @ 2008-02-19

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