Days to remember

Days to remember

Posted: 09.09.06 | Categories: [Halifax]  [Places]  [Shibden Park]  

Been out to Shibden Park, Halifax today looking for things to photograph. They have a lovely boating lake, and seeing these small plastic boats again took me back many years to when I used to ride in them. I like the colours of the boats, and thought it'd make a nice shot.


Canon PowerShot S80
f 5.6
1/250 sec
17.458 mm

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  • nice shot!
    Ben @ 2006-09-10
  • Nice spot on the photograph here Groovy :)

    Couple of suggestions if I may:-

    1) Crop the right hand side and bottom of the shot a bit more so the edge of the pavement is on the edge of the image so it leads you in better.

    2) Try and boost the colouring on the boats more (imo) as they would look great all colourful as this shot to me SHOUTS I want to be colourful :)

    Sysagent @ 2006-09-10
  • Nice shot! I love the lights and the colors.
    Kris @ 2006-09-11
  • Good composition and colors.

    Jason Ertel @ 2006-09-15

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