Israeli Graffiti III

Israeli Graffiti III

Posted: 03.12.08 | Categories: [Israel]  [Tel Aviv]  [Urban]  

More wall art than graffiti I think. Found this on a wall just off one of the main streets in Tel Aviv. I'm sure it's new as I don't recall seeing it last year, and the colours are still quite strong and not been faded by the sun.


Canon EOS 40D
f 5.6
1/320 sec
50 mm
ISO 100
LENS : Canon 50mm

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  • A fine piece of wall art to notice and shoot. I like the vivid colors and the detail of your shot. Well done.
    don @ 2008-12-03
  • This looks like really old style graffiti! Like from the 80's in NYC :) Very colorful!
    Arjan - PlasticDaisy @ 2008-12-04

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