The Piece Hall (Revisited)

The Piece Hall (Revisited)

Posted: 03.02.09 | Categories: [Architecture]  [Black and White]  [Halifax]  [Wide-angle]  

The Art Gallery in the Piece Hall is holding an exhibition in a couple of months' time, with the subject being based around 4 areas in the town centre. The Halifax Photographic Society have been asked to supply images, (I'm a member of the club,) and my mission was to get some images of The Piece Hall itself, so hopefully one of mine will be part of the exhibition. This is one of my favourites - lots of contrast in the B&W shot, and the place as a whole really does deserve wide-angle treatment.


Canon EOS 40D
f 8
1/30 sec
11 mm
ISO 200
LENS : Canon 10-22mm

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  • Don't forget to enter the one from 04.06.07 too ....that's a great shot as well :-)

    [email protected]ørning @ 2009-02-03
  • Well done shot. Hope you make it. If that fellow in the lower left is a local celebrity (or on the judging committee), it will probably help your chances.
    Harry @ 2009-02-03
  • Nice perspective on this shot and good B&W treatment. Good luck.
    Tony @ 2009-02-19
  • I love Piece Hall, when I lived in the 'Fax I used to go there most days. There used to be a really cool music shop there that had the biggest assortment of random stuff I've ever seen.
    Nice shot, it's a great mono conversion, good contrast and tone, really pops.
    Dave @ 2009-04-08

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