The Piece Hall (Revisited II)

The Piece Hall (Revisited II)

Posted: 22.02.09 | Categories: [Architecture]  [Halifax]  [Wide-angle]  

This is from the same day's shooting as the previous image, but I've included the spire of the ruined church that stands behind.
The sun was just disappearing for the day as I took this shot (even though it wasn't much past 9am!) Have decided not to include this in a short-list for the gallery, as we feel the B&W image is the stronger.


Canon EOS 40D
f 8
1/50 sec
10 mm
ISO 200
LENS : Canon 10-22mm

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  • I prefer the feel and texture of the B&W version, but the spire is a great addition.
    onewayphoto / Mark @ 2009-02-23

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