Old Wall

Old Wall

Posted: 21.05.09 | Category: [Urban]  

One evening in Malaga, as the sun was going down, I spotted that it helped bring out the wonderful strong colour of this crumbling wall. I couldn't help but take a photo of it. There was just so much detail and texture there to capture.


Canon EOS 40D
f 4
1/1250 sec
105 mm
ISO 100
LENS : Canon 24-105mm

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  • Excellent capture of this bright gold, the earthy bricks and the crumbling testure.
    Harry @ 2009-05-22
  • i totally agree with you about the color and texture.. it's totally awesome.. great capture.. :)
    rian @ 2009-05-23
  • Indeed very rich in detail and texture! I'm curious what that little note says! :)
    Arjan - PlasticDaisy @ 2009-05-29
  • Hi there, this wall you have captured is definitely a peace of art, it's gorgeous, recently I will open a caffe bar and it would be great to have it printed on one of the walls. I would be more than thankful if you can send it to me with higher resolution and yes if you prefer you can also sign it.
    elektroliza @ 2011-11-02

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