Down Low

Down Low

Posted: 10.06.06 | Categories: [Ingleton]  [Nature]  [Places]  


Canon PowerShot S80
f 5.6
1/1000 sec
17.458 mm

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  • Welcome the Photoblog "ratrace" mate ;-)

    I like this shot, apart from the distracting blurred thing right in the bottom left of the shot. You have managed to get the horizon on the grass on the 3rd line which works to great effect.
    Sysagent @ 2006-06-13
  • Nice first shot mate. I like the depth to it :)
    Jon @ 2006-06-13
  • Aye nice one. Great blue sky too!
    milou @ 2006-06-13
  • yep very nice shot. Same as Russ the blurred bit bottom left detracts from it though.
    HarryP @ 2006-06-13
  • I really like this, I really do well done matey!
    Dan @ 2006-06-13
  • really nice shot mate, great for your first
    chris @ 2006-06-13
  • WElcome Groovy. Great shot.
    BBW @ 2006-06-14
  • Thanks guys. Didn't spot that blurred bit bottom left. Now the more I look at it, the more it bugs me! Guess I could crop it out. You can probably just make out a blurry sheep centre picture too!
    Taken at Ingleton Waterfalls.
    groovyf @ 2006-06-14
  • The horizon's not straight :P

    Apart from that, I like it.
    Jamey @ 2006-06-14

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