Log hut

Log hut

Posted: 12.11.06 | Categories: [Hardcastle Crags]  [Places]  

Been out to Hardcastle Crags today, and tried to make the best of the weather... it was overcast, grey and drizzling. Saw this up ahead of me and was instantly drawn to it - and all that damp forest wood smelt amazing. I've a close up of the cut logs that'll I'll post tomorrow. I'll make a return journey to the place when the weather is better too as I feel it has more to offer.


Canon PowerShot S80
f 2.8
1/60 sec
5.8 mm

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  • I really like the contrasty/low saturation here, nice one.
    methy @ 2006-11-12
  • Definitely go back, it really does look like there's loads of potential there. Reminds me of a horror film though, so watch out for murderers.
    Jamey @ 2006-11-12
  • Nice exposure. Damp wood and sawdust have a very distinctive smell. Jamey's right - good set for a something-in-the-woods-is-after-you-whoaaah-arrgh - type of film.
    milou @ 2006-11-13
  • Nice shot, looking forward to seeing the rest :)
    Jon @ 2006-11-13
  • Really life the vertical line on the hut.
    M-UK @ 2006-11-14

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