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First trip out with the new 400D. Luckily caught a break between weather fronts and saw some lovely blue skies. This particular shot was taken as I was leaving Ovenden Wind Farm. I thought the shot of the warning sign with the turbines in the background was a nice idea.


f 5
1/1000 sec
40 mm
ISO 100

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  • hmm, interesting idea and a shot that makes you think as to what is going on !

    I'm sad enough to want the red bit line up with the horizon though, and the white blemishes off the sign. Just think that would make more of an impact. I'm off to try that in photoshop now :)

    Eth @ 2006-12-02
  • I had the same thought after I'd posted the image. Looking at it more and more, I too wish I had just crouched down a little lower and lined up the red with the background horizon. [Edit: Tweaked in PS and uploaded: http://photoblog.groovyf.co.uk/images/IMG_0087.JPG ]
    groovyf @ 2006-12-02
  • Nice work, the sign almost looks like a seperate shot. Nice crispness on the sign from the new camera.
    ROB @ 2006-12-02
  • Yeah, nice idea indeed.
    Jamey @ 2006-12-03
  • I like the idea too.
    milou @ 2006-12-03
  • i want to see what the hazards are!! nice idea for the shot though, and interisting to see these things anren't the universal "good" they're talked up to be!
    david @ 2006-12-04

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