Wainhouse Tower

Wainhouse Tower

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Completed in 1875, the 275 feet high tower (also known as Wainhouse's Folly) was originally intended to act as a chimney to carry smoke away (via a pipeline) from a local factory he owned. However, after selling the factory, John Wainhouse found the new owner didn't want to incur the costs of finishing the chimney so kept it for himself and had the top extended to make way for the pillars and buttresses. You can see exactly where the regular style of a chimney ends and the extra flamboyance takes over. It's quite a landmark of Halifax that you can see from some distance. The age old (local) myth that you can see Blackpool Tower from Wainhouse Tower is unfounded


f 6.3
10 sec
45 mm
ISO 100

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  • a truly fascinating tale - i love the way that victorians built follies - buildings of absolutely no use whatsoever!
    david @ 2006-12-13
  • That's a nice photo, especially like the likes.

    I was told there was a lighthouse in Halifax, I just didn't believe it.
    Andrew @ 2006-12-15
  • Lovely image of a great landmark. I used to live in a flat which was right next door to that. That pic was essentially my view of an evening! Takes me back mate, ace.
    Dave @ 2008-01-08

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