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A rather abstract shot of the Halifax Building Society headquarters. Think I was most taken with the light-stone faced building in contrast to clear blue sky. I'll post another similar wider angled shot of this tomorrow.


f 5.6
1/125 sec
55 mm
ISO 100

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  • had trouble working out what it was but nice one, nice abstract and colours!
    chris @ 2006-12-19
  • This ones not really doing anything for me. I think it might be because there are 2 main focal points, which dont link in any way. Only my opinon tho ;)
    Tom PH @ 2006-12-19
  • That's a thin building isn't it :P
    Actually, the fact that it's difficult to immediately make out what I'm looking at adds a level of interest. Love the deep blue sky too.
    Jon Swainson @ 2006-12-20
  • odd that these seem to be windows with nothing behind them - great shot, i love the blue!
    david @ 2006-12-20
  • Perfect blue sky. The two forms seem to have only two dimensions, rather than being sides of buildings which adds aome puzzlement to the shot.
    Harry @ 2006-12-20
  • abstract and sharp shapes and a great blue sky. Powerfull shot
    javga @ 2006-12-20
  • Great abstract; the sky is insane.
    milou @ 2006-12-21

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