Wooden Face

Wooden Face

Posted: 21.12.06 | Categories: [Black and White]  [Halifax]  [Ogden Reservoir]  [Places]  

This was taken at Ogden Water - Reservoir. You can walk round the whole thing, and just off the side of a path I saw this. A really bizarre wooden sculpture. There were also 2-foot high wooden-sculpted mushrooms, but I couldn't get the angle I wanted for those, though I may have to go back and rectify that! I used B&W to enhance the eerie feeling of a face hidden in the woods.


f 5
1/60 sec
28 mm
ISO 100

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  • The sculpture is okay but I prefer the way you've captured the cold wintery conditions. It really represents the time of year well.
    Jon Swainson @ 2006-12-22
  • Certainly unusual and black & white suits the starkness.
    milou @ 2006-12-22
  • What a great piece of art! I like your B&W choise, gives it a spooky look.
    javga @ 2006-12-22
  • Scary! hehe
    Tom PH @ 2006-12-22

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