Lonely Leaf

Lonely Leaf

Posted: 24.12.06 | Categories: [Macro]  [Nature]  

What better way to christen the new Macro lens than with a shot of a leaf.


f 5.6
1/1 sec
105 mm
ISO 100

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  • It works for me. Nice shot. Congrats on the new lens too :)
    Jon Swainson @ 2006-12-24
  • Good to see you branching out. Arf arf.
    Jamey @ 2006-12-24
  • Leaf him alone. And so it begins. Nice texture there - almost like a lizard skin.

    milou @ 2006-12-24
  • This simple composition works well. I like the limited DoF you use. The rug or pad the leaf is on adds interesting texture and a little color without being intrusive.
    Harry @ 2006-12-24
  • Magnificent picture, love the sharp and blurry details. The color-combination is very interesting too. Kinda funny remark you posted at javga.nl; that young child IS carrying yellow toy-camera!! So you saw it very well! Best wishes, javga.
    javga @ 2006-12-24
  • Almost looks like leather. Cool to see you playing about with the new lens
    Tom PH @ 2006-12-25

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