Dried rose

Dried rose

Posted: 20.01.07 | Categories: [Macro]  [Still Life]  

It's been quite a number of days since I last felt motivated to use the camera. Weather has been awful, and no sign of any snow or frost for 'exciting' shots either. I've had this rose drying for a couple of weeks, and on a whim thought it might make good subject matter. I'm happy with the result, though it's not the shapeliest due to how it had been resting whilst drying out.


f 5
1/2 sec
105 mm
ISO 100

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  • I like that, works very well from the dull colours to the DOF. Nice idea and more importanly nice shot.
    Jonathan @ 2007-01-20
  • Yep, I know about those "weather frustations" but you made a very creative choice with this one! Beautiful, the reds are sooo deep....
    javga @ 2007-01-26

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