Shibden Hall

Shibden Hall

Posted: 07.02.07 | Categories: [Architecture]  [Halifax]  [Places]  [Shibden Park]  [Wide-angle]  

Built in around 1420, this Tudor building is now a museum that takes you back in time. It's been many years since I actually went inside it, (junior school trip most probably). This time though I just wandered around outside looking for the best shot of it. Hopefully done my best with the 10-22mm Canon lens


f 8
1/125 sec
12 mm
ISO 100
LENS : Canon 10-22mm

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  • You've taken this in the best light and that should be applauded. To my mind what lifts this above the "norm" is the spot on exposure and the branches reflected on the grass echoing the Tudor fa?ade.
    milou @ 2007-02-07
  • Lovely detail and colour, nice.
    Jonathan @ 2007-02-07
  • You've got a great future with some local estate agents. Nice shot.
    Jamey @ 2007-02-07
  • Can't beat a bit of green and blue together in great light! I bet it looks great at night as well, maybe with the moon hanging over the roof and a few bats. Flap flap.
    bink @ 2007-02-07
  • Yes, the light is really good. I love the shadowy streaks on the lawn
    BobC @ 2007-02-07
  • Fantastic building and a nice wide shot of it. Love the long shadows of the trees...
    javga @ 2007-02-07
  • A beautiful biulding that I'd like to see the inside of.
    Jon @ 2007-02-08
  • It's like the buidling is in some kind of colour "sandwich" with the green and blue.

    Nice exposure of a classic house shot.
    Sysagent @ 2007-02-08
  • Very interesting building, well exposed to get the nice colors in the grass and sky. To my eye, this shot calls for a little perspective correction to get the sides of the building perpendicular to the ground. And if I were around a 15th century building, I would also try to get close and see if I could find any master craftsman touches in door jambs, window tops, hinges etc. that are so sorely lacking in modern building.

    Just my rambling thoughts, of course.
    Harry @ 2007-02-08
  • Nice house ! Is that yours ??? ;)
    Nicolas @ 2007-02-10

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