Panes Of Glass

Panes Of Glass

Posted: 12.02.07 | Categories: [Architecture]  [Halifax]  [Places]  [Shibden Park]  

This battered window on an old out-building was screaming to have its photo taken. Wood, stone, metal, glass - lots of things here. I particularly liked how the bare trees were being reflected in the panes of glass. Taken at Shibden Park, Halifax


f 4
1/125 sec
105 mm
ISO 100

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  • You're right about it having lots for the eyes to take in, I like this and I just can't put my finger on why :)
    Jonathan @ 2007-02-13
  • yep, that is a great window; plenty for the eyes to enjoy!
    david @ 2007-02-13
  • Well spotted indeed. I'm not really a fan of this sort of picture but this kept me interested with it's criss-cross patterns and soft colours. Nice one!
    bink @ 2007-02-13
  • Well done. I like the wisp of grass at the bottom border, the deteriorating frame and replaced panes in the lower left corner and the outstanding squareness of it all.
    Harry @ 2007-02-13
  • It is a fabulous window for varied detail. I too like the mirrored quality of the tree reflecting
    in all the panes. Well done.
    don @ 2007-02-13
  • Nice symmetry and colouring, I like this one a lot.
    T-Photo @ 2007-02-13
  • great color and graphism
    elaine @ 2007-02-13
  • Just makes you eyes wander all over doesnt it with them lines :)

    Might have looked good in a Mono process jobby this with all its contrasts etc
    Sysagent @ 2007-02-15
  • Amazing and so old.... Stunning....!
    javga @ 2007-02-15

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