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Shibden Park provided a feast of photo subjects. This is no exception. Walking past the rear of an old boat house, I spotted the rusty gate and this padlock.


f 2.8
1/125 sec
105 mm
ISO 100

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  • Oh nice DOF here and great processing for the mono'ness.

    Sysagent @ 2007-02-19
  • Great texture shown up nicely by the mono processing.
    Jon @ 2007-02-19
  • i like the detail shown up in everyday things that macros highlight. nice shot.
    david @ 2007-02-19
  • Grest B&W conversion on this. The texture on the metal works well and the selective focus is very good as well.
    Harry @ 2007-02-19
  • A fine closeup with fine textures. I really like this in black and white. Very appealing shot.
    don @ 2007-02-19
  • Very nice detail there, and the DOF also works well.... nice.
    Jonathan @ 2007-02-19
  • Beautiful shot, I love the detail.
    Michael @ 2007-02-19
  • Great shot, love the B&W and DOF....
    javga @ 2007-02-19
  • Nice detail on the padlock. Good DOF.
    Tony @ 2007-02-20
  • Some nice textures captured on this one, well done mate
    T-Photo @ 2007-02-20
  • You do these very well :) Nice spot.
    bink @ 2007-02-22
  • Nice macro.... very bold
    Pieter Pastoor @ 2007-02-23
  • Fantastic photographer in the making... Browsing through your shots in all - i'm VERY impressed. Well Done mate. What a difference an expert eye can make...
    JAN COLL @ 2007-03-18

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