Crocus Boulevard

Crocus Boulevard

Posted: 10.03.07 | Categories: [Halifax]  [Nature]  [Savile Park]  

Here's another shot of the crocii/crocuses (take your pick!) growing in my area. Taken a week later than the previous one, you can see they're more in bloom.


f 8
1/80 sec
105 mm
ISO 100

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  • A sea of beautiful colors and a wonderful dof.
    Michael @ 2007-03-10
  • You're nailing these crocuses! Another really colourful shot, busting with the energy of spring. I like how the sunlit part of the foreground is in focus.
    BobC @ 2007-03-10
  • Stunning pic mate. I've hardly seen any around my way, and if I did I doubt they'd be as concentrated as these! Great colours and superb lighting!
    bink @ 2007-03-10
  • absolutly love it. The colours are wonderful, nice one
    Dan @ 2007-03-11
  • Oooh this is very nice. All that colour! :O
    John @ 2007-03-11
  • Knock-out shot. The carpet just goes on and on. I thought a crop excluding all but the flowers would be beneficial but I'm not sure - it's good to see the flowers in their environment.
    milou @ 2007-03-11
  • Mmm lovely spot & use of the avenue of flowers but for this shot to have really work I would have used the immediate foreground flowers in focus and done the DOF behind from them...
    Or you could have cropped the immediate ones..
    Sysagent @ 2007-03-11
  • Nice composition. I especially like the strips of shade falling across the shot.
    Jon @ 2007-03-12
  • Very nice shot. Would have been cracking with symmetrical tree lines... but even so a lovely shot :)
    Jonathan @ 2007-03-12
  • Amazing, a bed of colors. I wanna dive in!!!!
    javga @ 2007-03-13
  • a wonderful avenue of colour - lovely!
    david @ 2007-03-14
  • a fireworks of color....
    tracy @ 2007-03-19

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