In Bloom

In Bloom

Posted: 31.03.07 | Categories: [Halifax]  [Nature]  [Savile Park]  

Raiding the archive from a few weeks ago! I took many close-up shots, but this was my favourite. Such a vivid colour. All the crocii have gone now, and the grass verges by the road sides look bare now.


f 5.6
1/250 sec
300 mm
ISO 100

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  • Springtime...Vibrant colors!
    Still @ 2007-03-31
  • Lovely close-up. The rich purple practically radiates. The in focus white but on the lower right adds interest, but I find the out-of-focus white bud near the left edge distracting - maybe a tigher crop would help.
    Harry @ 2007-03-31
  • Mmm the white flowrs and the intruding grass affect the image a lot...
    Maybe a bit more thought before shooting might have helped this a lot (imo).
    Sysagent @ 2007-04-01
  • I think a simpler composition might have worked better here. The focussing on the clump of purple crocuses leaves no real anchor point to it all and my eye is wandering around and failing to settle anywhere. On the plus side the colours are superb and the detail in the petals that are in focus is very good.
    Jon @ 2007-04-01
  • Sharp colour and retail and the DOF is spot on for me, nice shot.
    Jonathan @ 2007-04-01
  • Nice one! Love the purple...
    javga @ 2007-04-01
  • wonderful colour and a gorgeous spring feel - agree about the white being a little distracting though.
    david @ 2007-04-02
  • They were gorgeous at their peak. Nice shot.
    don @ 2007-04-02
  • They almost look like they are made of velvet! What an amazing purple colour!
    Arjan @ 2007-04-03
  • Wonderful strong colours in this. They really pop out.
    BobC @ 2007-04-04
  • These grow by the side of the road? Wow that would be really nice. Yes the vivid colors really make this shot!
    Janice @ 2007-04-04

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