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The title says it all, really.


f 2.8
1/100 sec
105 mm
ISO 100

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  • Great lighting on this one. Sharp as a tack too on the face.
    Rob Dowd @ 2007-04-08
  • A fine close up. Wonderful detail and excellent B&W processing.
    don @ 2007-04-08
  • For me it looks more like "concentration". Great expression you got there!
    Sidney @ 2007-04-09
  • I wasn't keen on the "Far Away" shot but this one is in a different league (for me). The backlighting works really well, the mono has produced plenty of detail and the pose makes me feel he doesn't know we're there and as a result we're having a glimpse at a private and personal moment.
    Jon @ 2007-04-09
  • Black and white was a good choice, this one has more mood that you can shake a stick at!
    t-photo @ 2007-04-09
  • Lovely lighting which fits nicely with the mood your going. The B&W conversion looks good as well. Cheers mate!
    Noor Hazmee @ 2007-04-10
  • like the lighting in this shot - excellent stuff though i think "concentration" (or perhaps "constipation") more than "sorrow" :)
    david @ 2007-04-10
  • I like this one better than the previous one as well. Real crisp and sharp image.
    Arjan @ 2007-04-10
  • Or a hangover? ;-)
    javga @ 2007-04-10
  • A powerful image working very well in B&W; Just the expressions which goes with the title!
    Still @ 2007-04-10
  • Looks like Tom Cruise. Good lighting and tones.
    milou @ 2007-04-11
  • Really good portrait from the detail to the light, the DOF adds so much to the shot. Very nice indeed.
    Jonathan @ 2007-04-12
  • Another great portrait. For me it looks like you're trying to move something with your mind :)
    Richard @ 2007-04-13
  • Great portrait this and bang on focus with mega DOF used.

    Really good stuff!
    Sysagent @ 2007-04-19

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