Red Eared Terrapin

Red Eared Terrapin

Posted: 18.04.07 | Categories: [Animals]  [Manor Heath]  

Here's the 1st of 3 terrapin pictures I'll be posting. From what I saw there looked to be around 8 or so of them in the Jungle Experience area, and this one was happily posing for me.


f 5
1/60 sec
105 mm
ISO 200

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  • ha! did you get her to sign a model release form before she posed so alluringly? nice shot.
    david @ 2007-04-18
  • He doesn't look very happy does he. And, why don't the stripes on his eyes line up with the stripes on his body?
    Jon @ 2007-04-18
  • Nice nature shot. Your subject is well placed for maximum effect.
    Harry @ 2007-04-18
  • I like his stare at the camera. Somehow I don't think he's impressed! :-) Nice shot with just-right focus.
    don @ 2007-04-18
  • Why do turtles always look so grumpy? It's as if they're trying to say: Damnit, I wanna go fast, but I'm a turtle so I can't ;-)
    Arjan @ 2007-04-18
  • That's great. His head reminds me of the aliens in the Fifth Element. I can just imagine what he's saying - "you looking at me?!!!"
    BobC @ 2007-04-18
  • Yes, we are not amused. Nice shot.
    milou @ 2007-04-18
  • I used to have a couple of terrapins, loved um to bits!
    Nice shot again on the macro front.
    Sysagent @ 2007-04-19
  • Good colour and detail on the head, nice one.
    Jonathan @ 2007-04-25

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