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Bit of a diversion in processing here. I felt each focusing view had its own merits and thought the best way was to have them all in a single image. Actually, I found having them horizontally looked better, but vertical suits the blog more. Excuse my indulgence!


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  • this is great - love this triptych of images and the use of focus. excellent!
    david @ 2007-04-25
  • Interesting play with DOF!

    Sidney @ 2007-04-25
  • These are right out of the textbook on photography - chapter: Depth Of View :) Nice warm colours.
    Arjan @ 2007-04-25
  • Ahhh... I'm gonna try this DOF stuff myself oneday. Looks like an animation. Good job & nice shots...
    javga @ 2007-04-25
  • Looks good here, nice idea... well done.
    Jonathan @ 2007-04-25
  • Nice idea to play with the DOF. I like it.
    Tony @ 2007-04-26
  • A creative conception and I like how you've managed it within the limitations of our blogs. I would like a way to
    see more panoramas, but they too get to small vertically, or require lots of adjustment to be seen. Anyway, yours today is very well done.
    don @ 2007-04-26
  • Interesting and unique idea. I quite like it :)
    Jon @ 2007-04-26
  • Very interesting having them all up in the same image. I much prefer the top one and would have preferred to see it on it's own but this is a great lesson in using dof. Nice one.
    BobC @ 2007-04-27
  • Nice it all works really well this, love the colour contrasts with the bricks and flowers well spotted>
    Sysagent @ 2007-04-28
  • Good idea and well chosen as the flower colours compliment the brickwork.
    milou @ 2007-05-01
  • A fine experiment. I enjoyed seeing the different planes of focus. The blog limitation on width also makes it
    hard to show panoramas too. This works out pretty well anyway. Nice work.
    don @ 2007-05-02
  • love this to bits! Absolutly fantastic idea, works really well
    Dan @ 2007-05-02
  • Very clever!
    BBW @ 2007-05-02

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