In Bloom

In Bloom

Posted: 12.05.07 | Categories: [Manor Heath]  [Nature]  

I'm so terrible with flowers and plant names. I thought this was a peony but I'm not so sure, and there wasn't a tag or name card in the soil. Can someone put me out of my misery?!


f 5.6
1/30 sec
105 mm
ISO 100

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  • Red, very red. It is amazing what nature is able to create... Good macro capture!
    javga @ 2007-05-13
  • I know what it is. It's one of those....ermmm...hang on a, it's gone. Sorry ;o)
    I like the composition and the dof works quite well. However, you're losing detail in the petals. I'd be interested to see the original.
    Jon @ 2007-05-13
  • The composition of this is very good and the colour's lovely.
    BobC @ 2007-05-13
  • Looks a bit over saturated to me mate. Composition is spot on though and no I've no idea what it is :)
    Richard @ 2007-05-15

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